Hi/FiT/S-tec Japan 2019 - 2-4 October 2019

About Hi/S-tec Japan

Global Exhibition - International Pavilions

Exhibitors from 20 Countries, Visitors from 50 Countries

Together with Hi Japan and S-tec Japan, FiT Japan will be established as a global event with strong international participation. Hi / FiT / S-tec Japan 2018 featured exhibitors from 20 countries and visitors from 50 countries. There were several country pavilions including China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Canada. Regarding international visitors, many came to Hi / FiT / S-tec Japan 2018 not only from nearby Asian countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia and India, but also countries from Oceania, North America and Europe. The number of representative countries will reach to 50.

What’s more, with more demands from international visitors, English speaking presentations are planned to be held at Hi / FiT / S-tec Japan 2019.