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[JAPAN's Industry News] Japan’s Health Food Market estimated at JPY 2 trillion in 2017

The market of so-called supplements and food containing other nutritional attributes and functional ingredients saw an annual sales performance of JPY 1,227 billion in 2017, which was an increase of 1.9 % from 2016. Despite the slowdown of door-to-door sales, mail order sales increased by 4.3%, drug store sales increased by 4.0% and food store sales by 4.6%, which helped this expanding market. Vitamin and mineral supplements sold very well, as well as did lactic acid bacteria and green juice (aojiru). Also, superfoods and nuts established good sales in the market.

Furthermore, the market of Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) was estimated at JPY 663 billion in 2017. Together with so-called supplements, food containing other nutritional attributes and functional ingredients, and FOSHU, Japan’s health food market nearly amounted to JPY 2 trillion in 2017.

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