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[JAPAN's Industry News] Ingredients for Joints, Muscles and Bones are Drawing More Attention

To extend healthy life expectancy, the Japanese government is aggressively promoting counter-measures for locomotive syndrome. Nowadays, with more evidence proving that locomotive syndrome develops complication in metabolic syndrome and some cognition problems might be caused by such syndrome, proper exercise and the right food are becoming more important in combating this illness.

Consumer’s attentions are also increasing. A survey was conducted for 10,000 respondents and it showed that the recognition rate for locomotive syndrome is 46.8%. Following these trends, in the health related-food industry, the functional research on ingredients helping locomotive syndrome and product development has become more active. More supplements, beverages and general food for locomotive syndrome have been distributed into the market. The number of Foods with Function Claims (FFC) went over 100, which was an increase of 2.5 times from one year ago.

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