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[JAPAN's Industry News] Protein and Amino Acid Markets Surpass the JPY 55-billion Mark

In 2017, Japan’s amino acid for sport nutrition was worth JPY 25 billion, increasing by 5% from the previous year. Considering the form of dosage, the jelly type was well-received.

In the meantime, the protein market for sports nutrition reached JPY 30 billion, as its sales in 2017 increased by 20% from the previous year. The trends are expected to continue and reach JPY 40 billion by 2020 during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The most popular dosage form in Japan is powder and granule taking up 90% of the market, whilst the other types such as bar and jelly make up 10%. Milk-type proteins, such as whey and casein, and soy-type are well-received, as albumin, pea and royal jelly make their way into the market.

Milk-type proteins are popular because they are very effective in building up muscles and body mass. Meanwhile, soy proteins are well-received by women who are dieting, and casein, whose absorption is slow, is well-evaluated as a protein that is taken before sleeping.

Following amino acids and proteins, HMB is also performing well in sales and had a break hit last year. HMB sales are increasing, especially in sports nutrition and dieting.

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