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[JAPAN's Industry News] The First Half of the 2018 Popular Order Materials

The Health Industry News conducted a research regarding the “first half of the 2018 popular order materials” involving 80 health food contracts processed and manufacturing-related companies.

The survey revealed that “plant fermentation extract (enzyme)” ranked first in the first half of the 2018 popular order materials, and Lactic acid bacterium, which was first last year ranked second by a narrow margin. Collagen is third and aojiru fourth. Protein moved up to fifth from eighth in 2017. Omega 3 materials and nattokinase were seen at the upper ranks.

Popular order materials at the first of 2018 are 54 kinds same as last year. The potential of women’s beauty-related materials is big, but products placed at the upper ranks were of a wide variety. Others are lactic acid bacterium with multiple-functions, aojiru and protein in the sports supplement category.

Plant fermentation extract is very popular, getting the top rank from being third last year. According to The Health Industry News research, plant fermentation extract grew to JPY 54 billion in 2017. Although the growth rate is slow from its peak in 2012, it was stable with health-conscious people as the often reflect about their good health. Fasting and petit fasting is mainly observed to improve one’s physical condition and skin health, and also going on a diet. In a couple of years, plant fermentation extracts will be adapted at beauty salons and some people use it at bridal beauty salons before the wedding party.

Lactic acid bacterium ranked second in 2018, even though it was ranked top in the second of 2017, with a big difference from the second. The concern for intestinal flora is still high, but new materials showed up to prove that aging women’ need to care skin and bones, as well as improve their gastric health and reduce neutral fat. Lactic acid bacterium is also recognized as a multi-health food material. Last year, the benefits of collagen have been reconsidered. Collagen peptide is proved to have multi functions but its main purpose is to beautify the skin. Each company researched about materials development and specified purpose is thought to be one of the reasons for its success. After the TV broadcast last year, it remains to be popular and the domestic market continues to be strong. Foreign tourists have contributed demand to Japan’s local market.

Meanwhile, sports nutrition market is growing in two digit figures. The core products are protein and amino acid. Protein ranked up to fifth this year from eighth the previous year. Powder-type protein occupied 90% in the market. Bars, cereals, jellies and beverages are selling well at convenience stores, groceries and drug stores. Amino acid ranked ninth not only for sports but also active senior support foods’ research and development.

Abstract of The Health Industry News