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[JAPAN's Industry News] What you want to improve the most from health foods intake: “skin condition” up 1.7 times

In this spring, a consumer research group from Kenshokukon published a paper regarding “Health Foods Intake: Consumers’ Consciousness and Reality in 2017”, involving 624comissioned men and women in their 20s-70s.

Based on the research “What You Want to Improve for Health Foods Intake”, the top answer was “deficient mineral” (45.9%), second was “deficient vitamin” (45.0%), and “skin condition” (33.4%) ranked third. Also, the research “What You Want to Improve in Your Daily Foods” placed “constipation” (43.6%) on top, which moved up to 10% compared with last year’s research, “skin condition” (37.4%) as second and “neutral fat” (37.0%) ranked third. Consumers are significantly concerned of their beauty inside and out, having mentioned elements such as “beauty skin” and “diet”.

Also, from the research on “The Most Expected Results from Taking Health Foods”, the top answer was “eyesight deterioration” (11.6%), second was “skin condition” (9.7%) and third was “tendency to get tired” (7.4%). Compared with the results of last year and two years ago, “skin condition” has ranked up 1.7 times.

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