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[JAPAN's Industry News] Hot Ingredient, HMB, for Locomotive Syndrome Prevention and as Sports Supplement

In 2009, because of a change in the Food Classification Amendment, it made possible to use α-GPC and HMB may now be used as foods. HMB is now becoming a hot ingredient as a result of its makers’ online promotional strategies. HMB is now being used to combine with products for sports nutrition, locomotive syndrome and sarcopenia prevention to eliminate the damaged muscle tissues from post-workouts, increase muscle mass, and reduce body fat.

A-GPC, which is a key for healthy life expectancy, is drawing attentions for the functions of cognitive dysfunction improvement, skin beauty and sports-targeted

A-GPC or glycerylphosphorylcholine is a nutritional composition. Choline is known as a metabolism regulator with essential nutrients to keep cells functioning properly. It is a precursor acetylcholine of neutrotransmitter.

A-GPC draws attention as an efficient choline supplement “choline supply agent” with fewer intakes. Compared with phosphatidylcholines (soybean lecithin) also known as choline supplement materials, intake requires only a quarter.

Recently, this is being used more in sports nutrition. Based on functional studies, it was determined thatα-GPC not only enhances muscle recovery, but also releases ketone body which promotes fat combustion into the blood stream. A-GPC is now being used as a fat combustion promoting agent.

HMB is now a stable material as locomotorium supplement and sports supplement

HMB, which produces a metabolite of a necessary amino acid leucine, mitigates damaged muscle tissues from post-workout, repairs muscle tissues, increases muscular strength, burns body fats, and allows the immune systems to respond to fat weight reduction. In the U.S., in the field of sports nutrition, products are distributed and used regularly by athletes and body builders who require high physical ability.

After the food and drug classification change in Japan, athletes are now considered a core zone and promotion strategies by online shopping companies made a big hit by using famous celebrity.

The distribution amount of HMB supplement is rapidly and widely spreading and becoming a hot ingredient.

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