Hi/S-tec Japan 2014 - 8-10 October 2014

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BASF Japan Ltd.

Exhibit Information

Booth Number 2-265
Natural and synthetic vitamins (VA, VB, VC, VE, VD)
Natural and synthetic beta-carotene
Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT)
Plant sterols
Product Highlight BASF Human Nutrition presents the new Think Newtrition(TM) approach at HI Japan, only days after the official integration of Cognis Japan. With "Think Newtrition(TM)", we will initiate an open dialog with the market to define unmet consumer needs and to find new answers to todays questions about future nutrition.

Exhibitor Presentation

16:00~16:20 A会場
Sustainability, Eco Efficiency, Traceability
We would like to introduce how to develop sustainable- and Eco-products and how to trace the raw materials by our method.

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