Hi/S-tec Japan 2014 - 8-10 October 2014

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Booth Number 2-059
Meiji Cassis polyphenol(AC10)
Beet ceramide
Mycerial Extract of Cultured Cordyceps Sinensis
Product Highlight Meiji Food Materia Co., Ltd. has pursued the "beauty and health" based on the anti-aging research. We will propose various items, from healthy materials such as noteworthy Elastin and Cordyceps Synensys to delicious health food, including a new idea "Cleanse" of using the potential of the body for health.

Exhibitor Presentation

16:30~16:50 E会場
Physical actions of Energetic Vitality Material of Next Generation[the Mycerial Extract of Cultured Cordyceps Sinensis]
Toutyu-kasou (the mycerial extract of cultured Cordyceps sinensis) is highly valued as a traditional Chinese medicine or a crude drug. Normally it is very expensive. We developed the mycelia culture technology of it. We can supply Toutyu-kasou at a low price and with stability.
16:00~16:50 E会場
Does Notable New Material"Elastin"Trigger a Revolution in the Beauty Market?
Elastin is the core protein of elastic tissues
such as skin, aorta, ligamenta, etc. and exerts elasticity to these tissues.Recently elastin is focused as one of beauty materials.
This lecture explains various properties and functions of elastin and the clinical results of recently developed beauty food "Elastin 1/50 & Collagen".

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