Hi/S-tec Japan 2014 - 8-10 October 2014

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Booth Number 1-161
Ergothioneine contained Tamogitake extract(Pleurotus cornucopiae)
Kintoki Ginger
Pomegranate Flower
Botanboufuu (Peucedanum japonicum)
Product Highlight We have highly functional food materials for their beauty, "Kintoki ginger", "Pomegranate flower", "Salacia", "Tamogitake". In addition, we will propose the new material, Botanboufuu (Peucedanum japonicum), a traditional vegetable around Ryukyu region.

Exhibitor Presentation

14:30~14:50 F会場
The rare amino acid ''ergothionein'' protects our body
Ergothioneine(EGT) acts as potent antioxidants in the removal of active oxygen spieces. We have developed a new EGT rich material, Tamogitake(Pleurotus cornucopiae).
We will introduce applications for deployment to beauty of EGT.
16:00~16:20 H会場
Heartwarming ''Kintoki- Ginger'' warm our body up.
We will introduce the various function for our health benefit of Kintoki Ginger.
14:30~14:50 F会場
Now-hot herb ''Salacia'' supports beauty style.
Salacia is known for its powerful glucosidase inhibition. In addition, we have found Salacia have promoting effect of lipid metabolism.

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