Hi/S-tec Japan 2014 - 8-10 October 2014

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Cyclochem Co., Ltd.

Exhibit Information

Booth Number 2-120
cyclodextrin(cyclic oligosaccharide)
cyclodextrin complexs
manuka honey
Product Highlight Cyclodextrin is the sole agent in Japan complexs quantities of cyclodextrins produced by Wacker Chemical Corporation.Cyclochem provides 3 kinds of pure cyclodextrin,such as;alpha-,beta- and gamma-CD.Cyclodextrins are used for molecular encapsulation of materials and as functional ingredients such as,stabilization,absorption,and so on.

Exhibitor Presentation

11:00~11:20 D会場
Latest information on Functional Improvements of Food Ingredients by Cyclodextrins
We will present new technologies and findings of functional improvements such as bioavailability, stability, water solubility and dispersability of some attractive food ingredients, CoQ10, tocotrienol, and alpha lipoic acid by the use of cyclodextrins.

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