Exhibit at a New Zone “High-Protein Food Development Zone”

The demand for proteins in the sports industry is increasing, primarily for muscle strengthening, but now has expanded to include nutritional strengthening as well. The “Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2020)” has increased the target protein intake standards for people in the middle or advanced age class. Also, the use of development protein foods has become popular to maintain good health.

The consumption of proteins for sports is now expanding, not only amongst professional athletes but also amongst general sports enthusiasts. Proteins are used to countermeasure sarcopenia and frailty for the middle or advanced aged people. It also promotes beautiful body for the youth. Furthermore, the fact that protein is good for one’s health is now also being recognized by general consumers, and protein products that are easy to take on a daily basis are now in high demand. Also, many kinds of protein products for the general public have been recently launched. Easily available proteins and tasty protein products, such as protein bars, ready-to-drink beverages and formulation for bread and confectionery, have been increasing in demand.

Regarding ingredients, in addition to milk and soy protein ingredients, a variety of protein ingredients are now being developed and are separately used depending on nutritional value, physicochemical properties and functional evidences. Research on how to make high-protein products more delicious is also thriving.

Many kinds of protein ingredients and tasting technologies for proteins will come together at the High Protein Food Development Zone, to support the development of new protein foods.

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