Foods with Function Claims (FFC) for Healthy Cognition Now has 225 Products

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reported that in 2018 the number of dementia patients has reached 5 million in Japan. Today, one out of seven 65 years older people suffers from dementia, and the total number will rise to more than 7 million in 2025. Based on this data, the Japanese government in relevant ministerial meetings has decided to promote measures to fight dementia in June 2019. 

Dementia could happen to everybody, and according to the measures being implemented by the government, “symbiosis” and “prevention” are two of the most important fundamentals to address dementia. “Symbiosis” means people suffering from dementia are capable of living with dignity and hope, as they live in the same society with people who do not have the disease. This thought follows the previous ideas.

Meantime, “prevention”, with wide repercussions, pertains to ways of delaying and retarding the development of dementia. It does not mean “not suffering from dementia”. The focus is to come up with preparation measures that include prevention, and as a result, the goal is to delay the onset of dementia for people in their 70s by one more year in 10 years.

Activating Markets of Health Ingredients and Supplements for Healthy Cognition

It is said that the measures being promoted by the government only focus on the attitudes of people with dementia. Because of this, the health industry is taking an important role because it supports the measure to prevent and fight the disease.

According to the health food industry, in February 2020, there are now 225 products of foods with function claims (FFC) such as claims “to help maintain one’s memory, which is part of the cognitive functions and which tend to decline with age” and “to help maintain one’s attention span, which is part of one’s cognitive functions, and the efficiency to perform calculations works”. Eighty-two new products were added last year.

The most popular FFC ingredients are flavonoid glycosides and terpene lactone extracted from ginkgo biloba. There are now 107 products that use this ingredient. The second-most popular is DHA and EPA, which is used in 57 products. Meantime, there are additionally 14 products that use DHA only. Furthermore, there are 11 products with phosphatidylserine extracted from soybean, 10 products with plasmalogen and also 10 products with lactononadecapeptide. In addition, many ingredients such as curcumin, lutein zeaxanthin, bacopasaponin, histidine and diosgenin were newly adopted in FFC products in 2019.

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