Protein Products are Still Popular! Key terms “Tightening Body”, “Healthy Beauty”

Excise, Muscle Building and Diet are very popular in Fitness Clubs

With moderate exercise, younger and middle-aged women hope to build a “slim and tight body” with a “healthy, beautiful body style” and moderate muscles. As we look into new products available in the market, we could find a lot of diet-support products that include proteins. Asahi Group Foods, Ltd has launched a new brand, “Slim-up, Slim-shape”, and positioned their new protein product in the market.

According to Asahi Group Foods, Ltd, there are plenty of women in their 20s and 30s who would like to not only lose weight, but also tighten their body and improve their health. The volume of initial shipment of the product for drugstores is expected to exceed the planned quantity, and the company is planning to attract new customers. Meanwhile, in March, DHC Corporation also launched a series of three protein products: a series of “Fit-partner”, which helps create a beautiful body. In addition to “Protein Diet Beauty-Body”, which they launched last year, they are planning to conduct promotions at several shops.

Products that promote the concepts of Excise, Muscle Building and Diet” and “Muscle and Diet” are drawing much attention from the fitness industry. Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports Co., Ltd, which administers and runs their sports club Megalos, is innovating their original brand Megalos Whey Protein in their 40 gyms and fitness centres. Their sales has doubled their planned number, and they have added two new tastes products in the series. Another fitness company, Tipness Limited, is innovating at their gyms, as their supplements contain red ginger, L-carnitine and ginger koji. They said that these supplements should be taken together with exercise, and that the 60% of the users repeat the intake. About half of the repeaters are women in their 40s. Now available in the market are the following ingredients related to excise and muscle building - amino acid, protein, L-carnitine, HMB, coleus forskohlii, French oak extract, capsicum extract, black ginger, fermented sake lees, fucoxanthin, fruit mixed extract and coffee bean extract. A new ingredient, β-alanine has been launched, as it was just approved in the food and drug industry.

In the meantime, coleus forskohlii will be registered as a candidate component for a specified ingredient that needs to present proper attention. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japan was planning to announce this and to apply a policy that the claims, “including a specified ingredient”, is mandatory in use, but its introduction into the market was delayed due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. The so-called “low-carb diet” food that decomposes and excretes sugars, carbohydrate and oil received a certain level of support from the people who prefer to get “easy-way” diet. This year, there has not been many such new products, but such products are becoming more reliable amongst manufacturers. People are saying “They are very popular amongst women who do not want to be stressed about having to eat little”, “The younger generation tend to move with trends, but women in their 40s often repeat use”, and “There are lots of best-selling products that focus on those foods, and they should not be affected by trends. There are many competing products, but the demand for them is stable.”

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