Why Exhibit?

Together with Health ingredients Japan (focusing on health and functional ingredients), Food ingredients for Taste Japan (featuring food ingredients for better taste) and Safety and Technology Japan (on safety and quality), the three important themes in the food industry, “health”, “taste” and “safety and quality”, will come together during Asia’s biggest food development show. Furthermore, Food Long Life Japan which was newly launched in 2020 (gathering a variety of long-shelf-life technologies for food loss reduction) will bring together more stakeholders in food manufacturing into one place.

Japan is the birthplace of the functional ingredients industry, with a long tradition of selecting and enhancing the health benefits of food products. This pioneering market continues to grow rapidly and key players from around the world are coming to Hi / FiT / S-tec / LL Japan to witness the ongoing evolution of the functional ingredients industry.

  • Hi / FiT / S-tec / LL Japan 2021 will have 600 exhibitors with 860 booths. The show has been the industry's most important business platform for 30 years in Japan. Hi / FiT / S-tec / LL Japan 2021 is the 32nd anniversary.
  • Hi / FiT / S-tec / LL Japan brings together leading professionals from the cutting-edge, rapid-growth market, including Food / Beverage / Health Food / Supplement / Nutritional Food Manufacturers.
  • High purchasing power, an aging population, and keen consumer awareness of health products create perfect conditions for the manufacturers and suppliers of healthy processed foods.
  • The new Japanese health claim regulation, “Foods with Function Claims” (FFC) started in 2015, and this has been a significant economic impact on the Japanese health-related market.
  • Tokyo's upcoming Olympic Games in 2021, partnered with government awareness programming aimed at a healthy life style and extended life expectancy, has significantly boosted the sport-related business in Japan, which will result in an overall expansion of the Japanese sports nutrition market over the coming years
  • Japan’s demand for ingredients from abroad is getting stronger as Japanese companies continually expand their lists of health-related products, and Hi / FiT / S-tec / LL Japan is the place they come to find them.