2019 Exhibitor Voices

This data comes from 2019 Exhibitor Survey Results

More than 95% of exhibitors succeeded in negotiations!

Exhibitor Satisfaction

Why would you recommend exhibiting at Hi Japan?
  • -Hi Japan is the biggest exhibition in the country for food development professionals, providing high probability for exhibitors to meet new clients. As a promotional place, it is very beneficial to exhibit here.
    - There are many visitors not only locally, but also from overseas.
    - This is a big exhibition, targeting food companies, and a number of people in quality control participated.
    - The scale of exhibitors and visitors is higher than in other competing events.
    - This event is well-known amongst professionals from food research and development, and exhibiting helps to promote to these people.
    - The event is a place to communicate and exchange ideas with new clients and existing customers.
    - There is a good chance to close deals and complete negotiations.
    - There was a good number of visitors, and visitor categories, such as those from R&D section and buyers for food ingredients, perfectly fit what we were looking for.
    - This was our first time to exhibit, and we had a lot of visitors at our booth. It was a very good place to promote our products.
    - There are several presentations with informative topics for food technicians.
    - There is a good chance to negotiate with leading and major manufacturers.
    - Compared with other exhibitions where we participated, we found it much easier communicating with our clients in this event.
    - The event is the best place to introduce new ingredients and services to manufacturers and distributors.
    - I am satisfied with the category of visitors, because the visitors are narrowed down to people who are knowledgeable in food research and development.
  • What feedback did you receive, when you exhibited at Hi Japan 2019?
  • - Giving a presentation helped us find a lot of new clients and begin negotiations.
    - Even though our booth was a bit far from the main aisles, we had a continuous flow of visitors and felt satisfied with the results.
    - We are satisfied because we established some business relationships with new clients who had not known our products before.
    - We met visitors who were key personnel for our new deals.
    - Even a small booth could get beneficial responses.
    - We made questionnaires about our products to visitors and introduced them to a lot of new potential clients, which led to future negotiations.
    - Although it was our first time to exhibit, people asked us about technical matters, and this kept us very motivated. The number of visitors seemed to vary based on booth location, and so we would like to have a better location next year.
    - We could promote our existing products following a new promotional style, and we had a lot of requests for product samples.
    - Our new ingredients were well-demanded by manufacturers.
    - We communicated with even more visitors than expected, and we felt there is a good chance to get new clients.
    - The event was very effective, because we not only released new products, but also received the feedback about those products.
    - We found that giving presentations created more interest amongst potential clients, and it was more beneficial than only having a booth.
    - Occupying a bigger booth attracted more visitors and made us more appealing.
    - We received a lot of business cards with professionals from food research and development.